From high rises to nightclubs and park gathering, 2oolit are ready to gee up the crowd and unleash their party vibes! Combining their love of hip hop, trap and dancehall sounds with a wide lyrical scope, 2oolit successfully blend their message of good vibes and brotherhood with good dose of gangsta rap and party fun.

Always with their best moves, MC's Mula and Kwhmisky, joined by DJ Cashdox, bring their energy and fly style to the stage and have a knack for revving up their audience, getting everyone to their feet, making for a wildly fun and engaging live show.

2oolit 2
edge 2oolit
my life 2oolit
had to - 2oolit
death row - 2oolit
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2oolit bw
2oolit party time

Since their inception in 2018, 2oolit have amassed an impressive collection of original tracks, and video projects, collabing with awesome Aussie talent such as Shirina on the track,'My Life and Draco Band$ & Inferno on 2oolit's latest track, 'Had To.' 

 In early 2019, just 8 months after they formed the band, 2oolit won the talent show at the Africultures, the biggest African festival in Australia. Later in 2019, they went on to win the 'Best of The West,' a musical competition celebrating 25 years of Casula Powerhouse Museum and participated in a national song writing competition for 'Listen Up,' a non profit organization that focuses on mental health, and in which they reached the semi final round.

  2oolit is currently focused on using their time productively to write and record new music and broadcast livestream shows while they wait for the world to reawaken. Check out their latest video, 'Had To' above.

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