Hailing from Japan, #StDrums, a stand out musician and percussionist, hs found a way to combine his love of travel and his love of music in such a way that has lead him to performing world wide. 

Drawing on the D.I.Y aesthetic of the indie punk era and inspired by the ghost of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, #StDrums constructed a custom traveling drum kit, determined to take rhythm to the street, he hit to road in London and never looked back. 

the lotusroot

#StDrums passion and energy for his craft shines through in his live performances, and latest release, Fusion Punk Machine, is drawing acclaim, being comparing his energetic drumming style to avant garde producers such as Square Pusher and even 'a revved up Boards of Canada.' His high energy performance capture audiences attention, blending genres together in  psychedelia meets drum and bass fashion, bordering  on the experimental.

With busking tours and live performances throughout

Japan and Europe under his belt, #StDrums hit up Australia with shows in Sydney and Melbourne. He returned to Tokyo to tour with celebrated US rockers, 'Battles' for there Japanese tour and is currently working hard performing with several touring Japanese bands. Of course, you'll likely catch him out there somewhere on the streets.

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