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The reigning Queen of Korean psychedelic trance music, 

Saintwitch cast a spell over the Korean dance scene and  emerged as it's most formidable leading lady. 

 ​With solid background in the indie rock scene and a degree in orchestral music, her stellar career has lead down her down the rabbit hole, into the world of dark, progressive Psytrance and euphoric sounds blended with deep techno influences. Channeling magic into each banging set, she takes her audience on a mad journey into psychedelic wonderland. 

Saintwitch furiously practiced her craft and established Seoul's 'Psy Travelers' superclub, hosting year round psychedelic events, attracting ravers, talent and party people from all over the world. She has brought the party energy to some of Korea's biggest EDM festivals, making magic along side the big name notables including Astrix, Sun Project,  Yoji Biomanika, Technikal, Kid Kaos and The Prodigy to name a few,

True to the 'Psy Traveler' spirit, her adventures have taken her around world, connecting with like minded folk and peaking interest where ever she goes, capturing  the attention of psy labels ESF Records and Spirited Sounds. This has lead her to play stages at some of worlds premier festivals such as Thailand's Blackmoon Culture, Global Gathering Korea, Happy Daze and Subsonic festivals in Australia.

Saintwitch has made Australia  her home, proving herself at be a versatile performer, becoming a crowd favorite in the Australian alternative dance scene. She has performed at  Sydney's iconic hard music staple, Masif Nightclub and Seasons X parties, as well as a variety of underground doofs and park picnic parties. Currently she is a resident  DJ at Sydney's latest breakfast kick-on club, 'The Crypt' and recently performed at  Electric Garden Festival's warm up party, bringing sneaky psy elements to a largely techno crowd.

Saintwitch is currently  working on several projects including production with German based rock producer, Jiga (Berlin) which promises to surprise and delight fans with a more rock driven direction. She still works closely with her Korean DJ family, collaborating with Seoul based AFIA Art Mafia techno project. Saint hopes to release an EP later this year drawing on her psytrance roots infused with her love of techno. Follow Saints Facebook below to stay updated..

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